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Orange Marmalade Vintage 
Vintage and Retro Finds for the Thrifty Dame 

About Orange Marmalade Vintage 

My name is Wednesday and Orange Marmalade Vintage is my passion, dream and hobby. Helping women find unique and vintage pieces that fit who they are and what they are about. My business allows me to celebrate body diversity and stay body positive. Every human is unique, beautiful and strong. Let's magnify that!

I also believe in fashion for the frugal. You can look like the cat's pajamas without breaking the bank. I sell individual pieces as well as curate outfits and collections for my thrifty dames.

In my blog, Vintage Love, I go through vintage outfits that I assemble to inspire the imagination to see the beauty in vintage wear.   I hope to spark lovely people to take a second look at recycled pieces, that they may have otherwise passed by. 

Contact me with absoluley any questions so that we can find your vintage pieces that speak to the soul. 

Stay Vintage!